Instruction to wearing orthodontic appliances

Mobile braces must be worn 14 to 16 hours to be effective. When not in your mouth, keep them in the box in which they carry on and control with your orthodontist. Braces do not wear to school, at sports or in igraone than it necessarily carry over night and by day, while you are at home, learning, watching TV … Wash it with water and brush, consider the scale which may have accumulated on it and always NET braces on a clean and washed TEETH!!!

Fixed appliance requires a little more effort because the elements (braces) that are attached to the tooth certainly hinder proper oral hygiene. The teeth should be washed after each meal because the food will hold the locks and tubes. In addition to classic brush, use the course and interdental brushes and single brushes are small, so they can clean the spaces between the brackets, and floss your teeth and shower. On the market there are a proj products are not intended orthodontic patients. Visit your dentist regularly, which will, if necessary, remove tartar and polishing the teeth. After setting a fixed appliance, the teeth will be sensitive and may feel discomfort for several days. This is quite normal and occurs as a result of the force on the teeth.

Also possible are the mucosal lips and cheeks that can be prevented by installing a protective wax or silicone over braces or wires to irritate you. Loose teeth is normal and should not worry you.
Avoid foods that ljepi the teeth and braces (caramel) and take particular care to solid food and nuts because you can odljepiti latch or the tube. Nothing do odgrizati or tearing teeth (apples !!) but you cut food into small pieces and chew carefully. If you have any questions, be sure to call us and we will receive as soon as possible!