Fixed orthodontic appliances

In adult patients fixed orthodontic appliances is used. It is the most effective and commonly used method of solving the orthodontic problems. Fixed appliance consists of rings or vial which is put on the first permanent molars, which locks with a special adhesive bonded to each tooth and wire arches which pass through the central slot on the lock knob. Wire bows in the slot (slot) locks can hold the wire or rubber ligature and then talk about conventional or “classical” locks.

Much better, more modern and more comfortable for patients certainly variant are self-ligating brackets. In these brackets there mucosal irritant “streak” or rubber ligatures that hold deposits of food and it is difficult to properly clean than arch wire in the slot reserved clip or “door” that opens and closes. Due to its mechanical properties, these braces reduce the number of office visits and shorten the overall duration of therapy. In addition to these basic divisions of the classical and self-ligating brackets, there is of course the division of metal and aesthetic brackets and the lingual to be bonded to the inner “lingual” tooth surface and are therefore completely invisible.

Fixed appliances (“locks”) to set teeth (nice) only specialist orthodontists and their patients are unable to take off.
In our office we use only the best technology and the most modern materials companies Ormco (Damon Clear, Ice), Forestadent® (QuicKlear) and GAC (Innovation C), and we will, depending on your anomaly and your wishes, choose what would be best for you.

Remember, orthodontic appliances are no longer just for kids, and what you will receive orthodontic treatment-beautiful smile and self-confidence, improved facial harmony, eliminating bad habits and health of the entire orofacial system, really is priceless.